A Hacker’s Humiliations

A Hacker’s Humiliations

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Most of us golf without much ability. Without flair, without confidence, without poise. Our skills are scarce, we lack the knack. But you know what the teeming, tee-box masses do have? Embarrassing moments. By the bushel….

For the first time ever, these Hacker’s Humiliations, three dozen in number, are catalogued in alphabetical and chronological order, from the tee to the fairway to the green. Some of them are humorous (“Aquaman,” who tumbles in, straining after his Top-Flite, getting drenched in the process, or “Jack the Pants Ripper,” who literally comes apart at the seams). Others are horrific (“Rick O’Shea” risks life and limb as he endeavors to avoid a tree limb, or “The Assassin,” who inadvertently cold-cocks a playing partner with an errant shot). But most, (the Bunker Chunker, the Yipper, Anna Banana, Off-the-Planet-Janet, etc.) as the title implies, are simply Humiliating.

This glossary of the game’s grotesqueries are not just a problem for the faceless golfers of the world—there are Hacker Hall of Fame Moments within the text, chronicling the unforgettable stumbling of stars through different moments in golf history.

Speaking of golf stars, some of the most recognized names in the game have provided solutions to these various and nefarious Humiliations.