Joel Zuckerman Talks

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 11.29.00 AMJoel Zuckerman talks are inspiring and entertaining. Referred to as “one of the Southeast’s most sought-after and respected golf writers” by Golfer’s Guide Magazine, Joel Zuckerman is the author of five books, with several others in development. He has written for more than one hundred different periodicals since 1998, including Sports Illustrated, GOLF, Continental, Sky Magazine, Millionaire, Links, Golf International, and T&L Golf. But beyond the printed page, his fast-paced, entertaining and provocative speaking presentations have received sterling reviews by a wide range of corporate clients, incentive groups, civic associations and charity organizations. As a member of Golfweek Magazine’s “America’s Best” Panel, and an individual who has played some 600 courses internationally, Zuckerman can speak with authority about the finest golf destinations in the world, the intricacies of rating courses, the overall difficulty of the game, golf history, the greatest players, etc., and do so in a distinctively amusing and memorable style.

However, golf can be the medium, and not necessarily the ultimate message, when The Vagabond Golfer makes a presentation. The game can also be used to illustrate larger themes. And if so requested, subjects such as improving customer relations, the benefits of teamwork, overcoming adversity, sportsmanship and the rewards of an unwavering work ethic can also be woven into an address. These weightier issues, presented in a lighthearted manner, are what make his presentations of interest to non-golfers in the audience, or those with only a casual interest in the game.

Throughout most of the 90’s, Joel Zuckerman was stocking vending machines with snacks. Now, through a happy accident of fate, he’s stocking bookshelves nationwide with his various golf titles, filing newspaper columns and magazine features, and filling conference rooms by virtue of his uniquely irreverent takes on the great game of golf. His books include Golf in the Lowcountry, Golf Charms of Charleston and Misfits on the Links, A Hacker’s Humiliations, Pete Dye: Golf Courses and Pro’s Pros.


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“Half the time, success occurs because you’re on the right street corner at the right moment,” is explains his unlikely metamorphosis from “candy man” to writer, author and speaker. But his story of profound life change, of how “the world’s earliest documented midlife crisis lead to a position as the world’s oldest cub reporter,” is inspiring and motivating in its own right.