Pro’s Pros

Pro’s Pros – Extraordinary Club Professionals Making Golf Great

Golf books are almost always either instructional, pictorial, (i.e.–coffee table) humorous, inspirational or biographical. But there has never before been a book dedicated to the club professional.

Pro's Pros- Professional golfers

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Here are the stories of thirty of the most extraordinary PGA Professionals in the nation. Learn about the iconic Bob Ford, the Ace of Clubs. South Carolina’s Mike Harmon, far too young to be the Old Pro.

Jim Langley, who held the reins at magical Cypress Point for almost 35 years, despite a significant physical limitation. Darrell Kestner of Long Island’s Deepdale Golf Club, one of the finest teachers and players in his profession. Dallas legend Randy Smith, the most decorated PGA Professional ever, and lifetime instructor to PGA Tour stars.

It is their stories, and more than two dozen others, that showcase the rare dedication and consummate skills of some of the most revered club professionals in the nation. These talented men and women have dedicated their lives to making golf more enjoyable for others. They are unique, talented and admirable. They are, in two words, Pro’s Pros.