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The finest compliments I receive as a speaker come from non-golfers, or those with limited interest in the game. A typical response might be:  “I don’t play golf, but I really enjoyed your speech.”

The reason for this is because golf is the medium, not necessarily the message, when I speak. I offer two distinct Power Point presentations, which can run anywhere from 20—55 minutes, depending on the needs and wants of the group.

Staying On Course— Life and Business Lessons from Golf’s Greatest Champions is often the preferred choice of non-specific golf groups like associations, corporate retreats or conferences. This presentation places more emphasis on universal themes that are filtered through golf— using examples from the game’s finest players and greatest champions. This message appeals and resonates with everyone, despite their interest, or lack thereof, in golf.

The Magnificent Obsession— Why we Love it, Why we Leave it, Why we Believe in Golf is usually the choice of a more golf-oriented audience, which might be found at a country club, a tournament event, a champions dinner or industry-specific gathering. This presentation offers more of a focus on the business of golf, and delves into the specifics of why the game has undergone notable contraction in recent decades.

One common denominator is that each of these unique Power Point presentations is funny, fast-paced, informative, inspiring and entertaining.


Subjects include:

Overcoming Adversity
Seeing the Big Picture
Losing Gracefully
Having a “Can-Do” attitude
Living up to one’s Potential
Success is Learning to Fail with Enthusiasm



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